My Pickle Tastes Funny! (2014)


Tickle Your Funny Bone With Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap - “Lonnie’s comics are everything that makes The Far Side great and nothing like it at all.”  Biff Bam Pop –  Emily McGinnis

EXCLUSIVE: Lonnie Millsap talks COMEDY and COMICS – Unleash the Fanboy – Harrison Rawdin

Lonnie Millsap’s Pickle Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Funny - Fanboy Nation – R. C. Samo

Comic Creator Lonnie Millsap – Single Panel Cartoonist - Geek Exchange – Luis Calderon


“Lonnie manages to produce work that recalls Gary Larson’s “the Far Side”, without being a derivative wannabe. Funny gags! Funny drawings!  What’s not to like?” -Keith Knight- K Chronicles, Thin(k)

“…Millsap has been cracking me up for decades.” Gary Panter- Jimbo, Smokewagon

“Lonnie Millsap draws cartoons that make me giggle out of control! Don’t read My Pickle Tastes Funny! in the bathroom unless you enjoy hearing your wife outside the door yelling “What are you laughing at in there?” “
Bill Morrison – Co-founder Bongo comics


I Stepped On A Duck! (2012)


“If you see Lonnie Millsap walking on the street please put him in a giant sack, throw him in the trunk of your car and drive him to the nearest mental hospital… He’s that good!!” –Johnny Ryan(Blecky Yuckarella, Angry Youth Comics)

“Lonnie Millsap’s outrageous cartoons aren’t the sophisticated gags you’d find in THE NEW YORKER yet they’re too smart for HUSTLER — but who cares? Lonnie make me laugh and that’s all that matters!” — Scott Shaw!(Oddball Comix)

“Lonnie Millsap is very funny and he is new at this game, with time, he will put some cartoonist out of work.” –Sergio Aragones(Mad Magazine, Groo, Mad TV)


Las Vegas Comic Expo Featured Many Stars - Las Vegas Informer -Nikki Artale (10/5/2013)

“Another outstanding artist is Lonnie Millsap who had the most cleaver cartoons and books that told a funny story. I love his humor and his cartoons are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”

I Stepped on a Duck by Lonnie Millsap Astra Price (7/10/2013)

“If there is a time of the year to read I Stepped on a Duck! by Lonnie Millsap, summertime is it…”

Episode 46- Seeking a Comic for the End of the WorldWill Sean Podcast (12/23/2012)

Lonnie Millsap Live – (11/28/2012)

Lonnie Millsap Joins Our Friday Funny (5/2012)


I Hate My Job! (2011)


I don’t like comedy, or things that declare that they are out to make me laugh, which makes me a hard sell regarding comic gag books, yet, Lonnie Millsap’s incredibly stupid jokes crack me up time after time, even though i can tell that he is trying to make me laugh and I resent that.” –Gary Panter

“Silly, twisted, demented…Lonnie Millsap’s cartoons are just what the doctor (whose license has been revoked) ordered!!”
–Keith Knight (the Knight Life, the K Chronicles, (th)ink)


Lonnie Millsap- Wondercon 2012 - Ideate TV (4/2012)

Not Ronnie Milsap. The cartoonist, Lonnie Millsap - (3/29/2012)

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Lonnie Millsap: Twisted Comic Genius Or Just Weird? – Eco Jokelizer (9/1/2011)

Animator Lonnie Millsap Book (8/2011)



My Washcloth Stinks! (2010)


Lonnie Milsap’s cartoons are good and make me laugh. I don’t laugh at everything. In fact, most cartoons are not very interesting. I will always read a Lonnie Millsap cartoon book, because i know that I will laugh many times and maybe even CRY LAUGHING! — Gary Panter


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