Cartoonist Lonnie Millsap was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Like most artists he began drawing early in life. One of his earliest artistic memories was getting into trouble at the age of four for drawing a life sized crayon Batman on his refrigerator and grey living room carpet. Initially, he didn’t get into trouble for the carpet Batman because of the way he strategically contorted his body over it. (His parents bought a new carpet a week later). While growing up Millsap drew cartoons in the borders of every paper he ever touched. His earliest artistic influences were Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine) and Johnny Hart (Wizard of Id). As Millsap matured he was influenced by the likes of Gary Panter (Jimbo), Matt Groening (Simpsons, Life in Hell), Charlie Callahan and Gahan

Self Portrait 2015

Lonnie Millsap studied for one summer at Otis Art Institute immediately after high school and graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Fine Arts. He promptly used his expertise to park cars for many years. He moved to Atlanta in the mid-90’s where he worked in non-artistic, mid-level management positions for the next 14 years. Millsap still continued to draw cartoons and periodically created graphics and logos as a freelance artist. He eventually improved enough to be commissioned to create logos for companies like National Concessions Management and Trans-Air Concessions at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport. He also created graphics for groups as diverse as The Atlanta Area Riders motorcycle club, Atlanta rapper A-One, and SmarteCarte, Incorporated.


Lonnie Millsap’s love has always been to draw cartoons that could make people laugh. In 2009 decided to follow his dream and founded Rollyhead Publishing. In January 2010 he released his first book of single panel cartoons titled ‘My Washcloth Stinks!’ which was promptly ordered by Barnes & Noble. Soon after his cartoons were included in the ‘What Makes Us Smile?’ exhibition at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum. The exhibition was curated by Matt Groening (Simpsons creator), Gary Panter (Emmy winning Pee Wee’s Playhouse set designer), and Rebecca Hoffberger (Museum Founder). Millsap quickly followed up by exhibiting at Comic-Con and Alternative Press Expo in 2011, while releasing his second book titled, ‘I Hate My Job!’ in 2012. His third and fourth books titled, ‘I Stepped On A Duck!’ and ‘My Pickle Tastes Funny!’ were released in 2013 and 2014 respectively. All three books were endorsed by noteworthy cartoonists Sergio Aragones, Scott Shaw, Johnny Ryan, Keith Knight and Gary Panter.

Lonnie’s convention schedule increased and he became a small press exhibitor at ComicCon, Wondercon and Alternative Press Expo every year since 2011. He also exhibits at events as diverse as the L.A. Festival of Books, Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose and the Black Comix Art Festival in San Francisco.

Lonnie Millsap bio photo 2013b

His latest collection of cartoons, released in June 2015, is titled ‘I Asked For A Fork!’ It contains more of the same silliness that peppered his first four books…and it’s also in full color. ‘I Asked For A Fork! has been endorsed by Matt Diffee (the New Yorker cartoonist and ‘Hand Drawn Jokes For Smart Attractive People’ author), cartoonist Dan Piraro (Bizarro), and supercartoonist and Eisner Award nominee Jim Benton (Dog Butts and Love. And Stuff Like That. And Cats).


While Lonnie Millsap still calls his books “the self-proclaimed funniest cartoon books in cartoon book history” he still toils daily in middle management and draws cartoons in the borders of his paperwork on a daily basis. Lonnie Millsap relocated from Atlanta back to southern California in 2011 after a 15-year absence. He is currently working on a series of large canvas paintings based on his cartoons that will someday bless the walls of some major metropolitan museum of contemporary art somewhere. He has been promoting ‘I Asked for a Fork!’ by appearing on lots of podcasts and conducting lots of press interviews. Millsap’s next book, tentatively titled, ‘My Donkey Is Taller!’ is expected to be released in mid-2016.

cow rapture colorFrom ‘My Donkey Is Taller!’